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PhonePad + let Android phone can be turned Tablet PC »

Before I believe many of my friends all know Asus Padfone such a tablet and smartphone combo products, as long as the smart phone into the Tablet PC base, the entire device becomes a flat-screen computer. Now if you want to have the same nature but the configuration is a better product, then give you about this device is very worthy of attention. This peripheral called the Phonepad + Asus Padfone concept, but PhonePad + is compatible with more Android phones, not just to a a cell phone. PhonePad + for use with mobile phones including Samsung Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy S4 to be on sale.

As shown above, the Phonepad is + has a slot that allows users to smart phones embedded in the inside, so that the Phonepad is + will be transformed into a 10.1-inch with a resolution of 1024 × 600 Tablet PC. Seems the Phonepad + $ 149.99 (about 900 yuan) the price is fairly kind and PhonePad + also has a variety of ways of support, rotate and slide.

This PhonePad + will be officially listed in July 2013, interested users may wish to look at PhonePad + related news.
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Buy a new laptop is not to run out of power to charge? »

The notebook Acer AS10D41 battery can be said is the most important source of power for laptop. There is no battery to provide energy, you can not complete the special requirements of mobile office. Then our hands notebook up only a mobile PC Bale. Laptop battery maintenance and use of skills has become a majority of consumers are the most troublesome thing.
A. purchase laptop battery continuous charging three times more than 12 consecutive hours, to prevent “memory effect”

To ask a very idiotic question: my friends have cell phones? After a lot of friends when using a mobile phone will consciously or unconsciously, in accordance with the merchants or others reminder to do one thing, that is, the phone is bought after the first three electrical charge and 12 hours battery then run out of isoelectric charge. The reason is because friends are worried about their own mobile phone battery “memory effect” memory effect refers to the battery for a long time subjected to a particular work cycle, automatically keep this particular trend. Therefore, saying that if every time to charge the battery only 50 percent of the time began to use, then after the battery memory effect will be when the next charge will only charge to 50% of the time on the charge does not go in “. In fact, the “memory effect” that is nickel-cadmium and nickel-metal hydride battery for the laptop’s lithium-ion battery, the memory effect is almost negligible.
Laptop battery

With the gradual improvement of the manufacturing process, the lithium-ion Acer AS09A41 Battery constant current charging characteristic deep charging time control in four hours, there is no need to get the law of the mobile phone battery charging laptop battery up laptop battery is dead on the charge , each resting two weeks or a month’s time, once the laptop battery depth of discharge, the term sounds a bit scary, in fact, is to use battery-powered, can then be used directly on the computer no electricity Automatic shutdown. But the number of deep discharge and should not be too frequent.

Use the AC adapter when the battery should be removed to avoid the battery “full blast”

Market notebook lithium ion battery can be completed 300-600 (some data that can be more) of the charge-discharge process, we can calculate the battery Centrino models now on the market generally official data for more than 5-6 hours, Pentium 4 models battery usage time of 3 hours, then the lithium-ion battery can be charged and discharged 600 times the standard notebook battery can use for a long time can be calculated. Some friends using the AC adapter when the battery is taken down worry is battery inside left more power, plug in the AC adapter results began charging, causing the battery waste is a “charge cycles”. In fact, this worry is unnecessary, because the laptop Acer Aspire 5738Z battery power certainly can not be a hundred percent of the state, so when using the AC adapter must be completed charging. However, many laptop manufacturers are now designed with battery protection measures, such as the IBM notebook will be charged only when the capacity is less than 95%, but not absolute, no design capability and rely entirely on the OEM notebook manufacturers may also weak in this regard. If you are really distressed that their batteries, it may wish to remove Come on!

Laptop battery explosion

Battery explosion thing appears a chance. But it is not absolute, the lithium-ion batteries which are lithium batteries, a control circuit board between them to complete and manage the charging and discharging Some features of this control circuit lost the original sensitivity or failure, you can not effectively control current, internal temperature rises batteries cause the explosion. Or batteries short-circuit inside the battery will explode. But the good thing is now notebook products on the market are based on foreign high-quality batteries or directly buy other people’s batteries, the quality is relatively better. The domestic part of the lithium-ion Samsung R580 Series Battery manufacturers are also more imports of foreign manufactured batteries then. So the saying goes, in the selection of the notebook, as much as possible to prepare some of the budget to consider the manufacturers of the products, not wrong.

C battery did not meet official standards, definitely the battery problem

Buy a notebook friends are concerned about this issue. Indeed, with the birth of Centrino technology makes the laptop battery for longer standby time possible. Manufacturers of notebook computers even more marked for the 10 hours of battery use standard. In fact, this is just one to attract the attention of consumers, advertising. Most laptop batteries are not the so-called “official standard”, perhaps friends remember patented power-saving technology ASUS Power 4 Gear Technology (an upgraded version of the Power 4 Gear +), known as M6 Series laptop battery use The time was extended to 5.5 hours, but Asus’s sales staff told the author of the books of the time, battery life also about 3 hours. Of course, having said that, the battery life is not the problem of the existing manufacturing process we consumers can be resolved. So when faced battery when there is no “official battery using the standard friends, do not be surprised, because not so long time of use is normal (if your laptop battery use time to meet official standards do not Paizhuan I said that most of the books).

Friends battery standby time has reached less than the “official battery using the standard, then we still have a number of ways to extend:

1,25 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ using a standard external environment, the use of lithium-ion Samsung AA-PB9NC6W battery can reach the best condition, and if the temperature is too high, not only the laptop itself is running slow or even crash, and the battery in such an environment under will affect the efficiency of its use. So, as far as possible under the indoor environment using a laptop.

2, used equipment disabled. Usually battery-powered best interface is no need to disable swap, such as a wireless network card, printer interface, infrared interface, 1394 interface, etc., or you’ll waste a lot of.

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Apple take business dod abandoning blackberry purchase 650000 iOS devices »

Currently, the U.S. Department of Defense is testing a variety of Apple iOS devices, after the trial ends, pass on their iOS devices will purchase 650,000 units. These new devices are used to replace the BlackBerry 10 system can not run the old BlackBerry device. This message is from Electronista website, which said he mastered the matter sources.

Following taken from Electronista website:

“With the completion of the updated equipment of the U.S. Department of Defense project early stages, further initiatives should be the order 650,000 iOS devices from Cupertino (United States the Apple Head Office), which is actually a manifestation of the spending cuts.”

Previous sources of the U.S. Department of Defense in order to save money and give up the purchase BlackBerry 10 devices, and with the conduct of the test project, we have reliable sources related to the matter said, “some of the requirements of the Department of Defense almost can not wait, once countries to stop the expenses of defense cuts, will start the next single. ”

The 650,000 units theoretically include 120,000 iPads, 10 million units iPad mini, 20 million units of iPod touch, and 230,000 units of Apple’s other devices. These new iOS devices will be distributed to all over the world, some assigned to the Army, some assigned to the Navy, of course, the Pentagon would not have said.

The updated project of the U.S. Department of Defense is undoubtedly a huge blow to the Blackberry. For the security of their own equipment before the BlackBerry cited proud But now Apple grab the Blackberry business, I am afraid BlackBerry troubled. Instead, Apple this time even more powerful, and will develop better in the future.
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Samsung CEO: Windows Tablet and mobile phones do not sell Zeyang »

As Microsoft’s most important partners, Samsung’s new joint CEO of Shen cases before Zaibao hard material, claiming that Windows tablets and phones selling Zeyang consumers slack demand.

Application cases are in a media interview, showing the attitude of contempt cooperative relationship with Samsung is not without reason. Earlier, based on lower consumer demand, Samsung has decided to launch its own Tablet PC Windows RT platform in the United States and some European countries to stop.

Interview application cases are: the Microsoft Windows operating system platform for smart phones and tablet PC sales is very bad, currently on the market have preferences on the Android platform. In Europe at the same time, we also see the bleak market demand for the Windows platform equipment. Compared with the Android system, Microsoft’s Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Windows RT platform device performance is weak.

Recently there have been rumors that Samsung will launch later this year in order to reduce dependence on the Android system, a high-end smartphone-Tizen. Application were: Samsung will continue to maintain good relations of cooperation between Google we believe and favorite Android platform.

Although Windows 8 system faced voices of doubt, but Microsoft is still full of confidence in their own products. Earlier, Microsoft said that Windows 8 has been a good start. But if you want to let the hardware manufacturers to introduce more devices running Windows 8, Microsoft to go a long way to go.

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The Thinkpad Tablet2 Tablet PC office experience report »

Feeling the ThinkPad Tablet2 get started early is very light, has been a substantial improvement over the previous generation. According to the weighing plate body weight of 565 grams, plus protective cover, charger, keypad, total weight of about 1310 grams. Data proved quite outstanding the ThinkPad Tablet2 the portability, coupled with a good integration of the purse, backpack or bag space, very easy to take out. Obviously, ThinkPad Tablet2 portability is an important selling point in emphasizing mobility, mobile office, often go out for Xiaobian such interview, reported that demand for mobile office consumers useful.

How to experience performance? Xiaobian simulate a reporter’s office environment, first of all start from the boot time, the necessary office software is installed, the boot time is about 15 seconds, is quite satisfactory. Next browser access, landing office background, to open Word records written articles these steps down, feeling Tablet2 response speed basic acceptable, especially in the basic text editor link is very smooth. However, when large PhotoShop processing, multiple pictures simultaneously edit or waiting, somewhat slow. Finally, to send and receive e-mail link, the fast network conditions, the basic response faster.

Tablet2 overall feeling not as good as a traditional notebook smooth, especially when performing multi-tasks, such as opening a web excessive or handle multiple images somewhat slow. The mainly due Tablet2 Z2760 processor and 2GB of memory combinations advantage life up to 10 hours (nominal), measured one hour networking office consumes only about 14%. Vulnerable is the general performance of the overall performance, more suitable for lightweight office conditions, such as web browsing, text editing, mail, office document editing operations, large-scale data processing is quite difficult. Chip technology is currently limited to any X86 architecture PC-based mobile devices, the performance and battery life, or can not have both, and the characteristics of Tablet2 is highly portable, long battery life, performance on a slight sacrifice also makes sense.

Tablet2 Ultimate equipped with a keyboard and stylus, to make up for the shortcomings of the flat products virtual operating inefficiencies. Full-size keyboard from text input Tablet2 brought certain advantages to adapt very easy to use after a certain period of time, the overall experience is not inferior to the ThinkPad notebook.

In addition, in the mouse manipulation experience, Tablet2 optical trackpoint control, but not a big Tablet2 screen (10.1 inches) high resolution (1366 x 768), optical trackpoint not as good as the mouse operation accuracy so use it feels or can not be arbitrary. But there are solutions, and do not forget Tablet2 also has a touch screen and stylus, for to do the mouse to complete the task with a finger or stylus, the effect is very good, especially the stylus, tap very high accuracy.

Suitable for conference rooms: the ThinkPad Tablet2 for information recording and information show the main conference room environment, or shuttle to various meeting rooms, office environment need portability and long battery life, is a lightweight office areas, as well as mobile based office.

Course suitable for conference room not only refers to fit in the place of the meeting room, conference room refers to the use of office equipment needs of this fragmentation, as well as a short period of time, the use of multi-frequency environment, such as regular walk in the training of various office division, marketing, public relations representatives regularly attend various meetings, often need to go out to the customer to do the introduction of sales elites, or access various types of classroom professional instructor, journalists attending the various conference are more appropriate.

Not suitable for desk: The ThinkPad Tablet2 the performance is not prominent, and slightly smaller than the screen size characteristics rendering them not suitable for use on the desk for a long time, especially for creating productivity, such design work, video processing, etc., which The class either need a strong performance, either the big screen are not suitable for the ThinkPad Tablet2 do such work mostly completed fixed office environment, such as on a desk.

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The Samsung GALAXY S4 confirmed equipped into the world’s first eight-core processor »

Although the country has been a the suspected real machine exposure, but the Samsung GALAXY S4 whether the eight-core processor is still full of suspense. However, prior to Imagination Technologies officially announced and confirmed that Samsung will use the PowerVR SGX 544 GPU loaded top to the Exynos 5410 Octa eight-core processor. This fact also tells us that the Samsung GALAXY S4 loaded eight-core processors will be the first stage is a thing of the iron nails.

Multi-party confirmation

Imagination Technologies Maybe a lot of people will feel strange, but they produced the PowerVR graphics chip but can be described as renowned the world over. In the announcement of the latest release of the company, Imagination Technologies confirmed Samsung Exynos 5410 Octa eight-core processors will use their PowerVR SGX 544 GPU (graphics processor). As previously leaked information has been confirmed by multi the Samsung GALAXY S4 GPU model for the PowerVR SGX 544, so this is actually also largely determined the aircraft used by the eight-core Exynos 5410 Octa processor.

In addition, the use of Samsung PowerVR SGX544 GPU in the end is what version now also been inconclusive. After foreign websites the Anandtech think Samsung may be used in of PowerVR SGX 544MP3, running at 533MHz, But the Imagination Technologies mentioned in the press release, the Samsung Exynos 5410 Octa integrated GPU version should PowerVR 544 IP, its 3D performance is described in the press releases in the past three weeks to reach the market all the products twice as much.

Exynos 5410 eight-core processor

Samsung Exynos 5410 processor models seems relatively seem strange, but Samsung official has confirmed that the processor Exynos 5 OCTA eight-core processor family. Features + combination of the four Cortex A7 size core architecture to take advantage of the performance of the Cortex-A15 processor to bear the heavy work load, Cortex-A7 can be the most effective way to deal with some day-to-day applications will have four Cortex A15 core .

The suspected real machine previously leaked also confirmed a lot of rumors the Samsung GALAXY S4 function. Such as the aircraft does with 4.99-inch FHD (1920 × 1080 pixels) resolution touch screen, powered by Android 4.2.1 system, has a 2.1 megapixel front camera and 13 million pixels of the main lens, and in addition to providing 2GB RAM to the capacity, the Samsung GALAXY SIV will also provide a variety of storage capacity version optional.

It is reported that the Samsung GALAXY S4 in at 7:00 pm local time on March 14, SAN FRANCISCO, March 15 at 7:00 in the morning in New York officially released.

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To Chuan Apple iPad shipments this year is expected to be reduced by 12 million »

Taiwan “Electronic Times” (Digitimes) website Thursday, citing people familiar with the news that Apple is planning this year iPad shipments expected from the previous 100 million men raised to 88 million.

The news that Apple plans to this year’s 9.7-inch iPad shipments expected from the previous 60 million men raised to 33 million, while shipments of iPad Mini expected to be raised to 55 million from 40 million in the previous This means that this year’s overall iPad shipments expected from 100 million down to 88 million.

Industry sources say that, for investors, the concern is that the shift: consumers’ propensity to buy. Apple initially thought, the the traditional iPad shipments of 9.7-inch higher than the iPad Mini, and now is just the opposite.

Price, iPad Mini starting price of about $ 170 lower than the 9.7-inch iPad. Apple executives have said the the iPad Mini margin is less than the average profit margin of the company. This means that iPad Mini greater shipments, Apple’s overall profit margins will be lower, thus affecting the growth of Apple’s revenue.

Industry insiders say eating into iPad sales, iPad Mini may sound bad news, but it’s better than another case: that consumers not to buy iPad Mini, and the choice of Amazon, Google or Samsung and other competitors’ products. If so, Apple is not only no revenue, will lose market share.

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Pass Apple’s plan to use graphene solar cells »

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, an academic report that graphene has been considered as one of the best alternative materials used to build the third-generation solar cells. This technique will be some small portable electronic devices to provide a steady stream of energy. Such as digital cameras, mobile phones and so on.

Coincidentally, Apple has just submitted a patent application for the content it is in some devices, equipped with solar battery solutions. Insiders speculate, scientific research related to the patent and MIT graphene solar cells.

Insiders who is familiar with solar technology of ZOL reporter said, the graphene solar technology, photoelectric conversion efficiency of up to 60% of existing polysilicon solar technology. The current market, substantially polycrystalline silicon solar cell panel, its photoelectric conversion rate of about 30%.

With polysilicon, the graphene can be used as a nano-coating, applied to the device surface, in order to obtain the capacity of the photoelectric conversion. Can also be made ​​of flexible, transparent photovoltaic panel. Therefore, the future with solar power equipment will be more compact and beautiful, while the impact of changes in product design is not the solar panels themselves.

Graphene coating can be used glass, plastic, and other common materials used as the substrate, therefore, it can be applied to the surface of the digital product. Such as the mobile phone screen, laptop shell.

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The Notebook Battery Maintenance »

The notebook battery maintenance description
A new Dell Inspiron 15R N5010 battery from buying first use, to the daily maintenance, maintenance, preservation, need to pay attention to what? , you can consult, the hope can help to you:
A new battery, the first time use problems needing attention.
Just started to use batteries, sometimes power display scale table no, or charging lamp long light, this is because the new battery may have with your notebook itself power test procedures are not synchronized
Of course, use after period of time will automatically adjust to come over, but we can also set up a initial to achieve as soon as possible.
Method is the power supply alarm closed, let the battery electric light, and impact. Cycle two can, specific operation steps are:
Start > > Settings > > control panel > > > > alarm power options
1, when reduced to the level of power, a battery shortage alarm (L)
2, when power down to the level, a serious shortage of battery warning (C)
The above two options in front of the “check the number” checked out items. Make your laptop has been discharged to a blank screen. Then rushed to put two circulation, so as to fully activate lithium ion battery, achieve and quantity test procedure synchronization.
It is worth noting that this method need not each new battery use such operation, only on electricity test procedures are not synchronized premise when use.
Second, the daily use issues need to be paid attention to.
A how to charge and use
1. Please choose a model or manufacturer designated type of power charger, avoid to use the power of the trust, in order to avoid the unstable power supply burned notebook. Avoid to use other packing materials will power adapter package, resulting in heat dissipation difficulties, keep the Dell Inspiron 6400 battery and power adapter good ventilation cooling.
2. In the cut off power and shutdown status, cell loaded into a computer, insert the power supply, it will begin to charge. (note do not switch on the power adapter in under the condition of loading and unloading of battery, because it could lead to direct burn out laptop batteries accident happens)
2. The charging time about 4 ~ 8 hour, depending on the battery capacity and GeChang design and differ somewhat, charging is completed, namely charging indicator light go out or into a green light, it is better to have power supply pull out.
3. Had better not intermittent charging, namely power supply don’t in a short time and plug.
4. Had better be in shutdown condition charging.
5. Don’t mix transformer or power supply, the working voltage of each electronic products or charging voltage may be different, use error may make cell damage, serious still can make the machine burnt out.
6. If we can finish in charge after 30 minutes to use battery may be better to the battery.
7. At present computer batteries with lithium ion battery is given priority to, its biggest advantage is no memory effect, so that users don’t have to worry about this problem, if the power unused can also charge Dell Inspiron 9400 battery, but suggest users occasionally will battery to the system warning power shortage, then execute the charge to the battery, the use of reliability help.
8. If long time use power supply as power supply, it is suggested that take off the battery, alone with power supply operation, need to use the computer to go out into the battery.
9. Don’t put battery as other power use.
10. Don’t try to open or repair cell (professional except), because the battery has precise control circuit, the violence, and easy to cause the precision circuit damage, laptop battery contains lithium ion, if use or improper handling, there could be an explosion.
Now in the market some offer in core service maintenance battery, replace the performance is very stable.
11. Don’t put battery and key messy metal material placed together, to prevent the battery be accidentally short circuit.
12. Don’t in bed, sofa, carpet soft surface using, pay attention to don’t disturb the notebook has good heat dissipation function. And the bed towel and so on will also produce electrostatic, indirect damage notebook internal components.
13. Installation notebook accompanied with power management software, to better play the role of the battery and protection of the battery.
B how to preserve
1. As for long periods of time without power Dell Inspiron 6000 battery , please pay attention to maintenance. Pay attention to the environment temperature and humidity, please do not put in hot and humid place, such as: direct solar radiation in a car or fire side, should keep dry and ventilated.
2. Remove the battery should be pay attention to dust waterproof and moistureproof shock, regular use xiaomao brush on location in clean. Sometimes such as bare cell location, it is easy to enter a lot of dust and cause the battery when using bad contact, so suggest use appropriate containers such as carton stored for battery.
3. If the battery is not used for a long period, should will battery power charge sixty to 80% preservation, and regularly remove use, in order to keep the chemical activity of the lithium ion, best about 1 months will do a battery charging and discharging, and then charging save.
4. In the battery for precision electronic components and battery core composition, avoid battery onto the ground and heavy knock.
5. Avoid collision and battery in high temperature place, keep the battery clean, dry.

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Notebook purchase misunderstanding, cost-effective means everything »

First, do not neglect the weight of the laptop: If possible, you may want to try on in the store notebook installed on the weight of the Apple A1175 battery. If it wants to carry a laptop to go out, then you need to look at the weight of the laptop. Some manufacturers label notebook weight without batteries, the best we can call the manufacturers official website before making a purchase or sales calls to determine. The biggest difference is the notebook with a notebook and desktop PC easily carry out. Some use a lot of metal parts, weight increase, so do not think the heavier, more quality, better quality, Shenzhen Tablet PC manufacturers.

Battery life: If your everyday applications take a long time dependent on battery run your best to weigh. General notebook are six-cell battery capacity of 4400 mA, generally continuous work four hours to meet the day-to-day work and entertainment needs. Need to attract attention is part of the ultra-portable models only standard four-cell battery, life time of about three hours. The battery Laptop soul, no batteries to join us, laptop mobile work is out of the question. When you buy a laptop, we should first check the Apple 1322 battery‘s capacity. The actual capacity of the battery capacity is smaller than the label, because there are a lot of external factors to battery depletion part.

Comfort: the so-called comfort, refers the user to use the the notebook process in the feeling. No special software or standard for notebook comfort for consideration. Some poor thermal design notebook easy local accumulation of heat in the body, and then the whole hot affect the comfort of the user experience. Comfort, good or bad, notebook cooling system designed closely linked. Good laptop design if continuous work one day, also does not appear partial or whole hot comfort naturally good.

Fourth, do not focus too much on cost-effective: in fact, the essence of cost-effective hardware configuration and price stable, rather than blindly cheap cheap. Too low prices will only lead to the configuration and work on the shrink, the alienation of cost-effective, we are firmly opposed. For value for money, found that most recently there alienation. Do not know when to begin, cost-effective and low-cost, ultra-low-cost program on the equal sign baffling.

Fifth, user-friendly design: it is not user-friendly design, the better? The answer is no. Excellent user-friendly design will increase laptop purchase costs, so that the humanized design is not the more the better, you need to select the humanized design does not need to be tolerant to diversity move. The user-friendly design can improve the user a good impression of the notebook  Apple A1185 battery to meet the users’ needs in their daily work and entertainment. The unique humanized design can enhance consumer brand loyalty, therefore tier brands bored. Reached the rivers and lakes such as the keyboard light, full-size keyboard, dual mouse design, hard disk protection system, such as a large number of user-friendly design, so that everyone dizzying, Tablet PC Wholesale.

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