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« Samsung CEO: Windows Tablet and mobile phones do not sell Zeyang

As Microsoft’s most important partners, Samsung’s new joint CEO of Shen cases before Zaibao hard material, claiming that Windows tablets and phones selling Zeyang consumers slack demand.

Application cases are in a media interview, showing the attitude of contempt cooperative relationship with Samsung is not without reason. Earlier, based on lower consumer demand, Samsung has decided to launch its own Tablet PC Windows RT platform in the United States and some European countries to stop.

Interview application cases are: the Microsoft Windows operating system platform for smart phones and tablet PC sales is very bad, currently on the market have preferences on the Android platform. In Europe at the same time, we also see the bleak market demand for the Windows platform equipment. Compared with the Android system, Microsoft’s Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Windows RT platform device performance is weak.

Recently there have been rumors that Samsung will launch later this year in order to reduce dependence on the Android system, a high-end smartphone-Tizen. Application were: Samsung will continue to maintain good relations of cooperation between Google we believe and favorite Android platform.

Although Windows 8 system faced voices of doubt, but Microsoft is still full of confidence in their own products. Earlier, Microsoft said that Windows 8 has been a good start. But if you want to let the hardware manufacturers to introduce more devices running Windows 8, Microsoft to go a long way to go.

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